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Books Recommendations

I wanted to share my top book recommendations to read. These are books to read that I believe would be great if you have a goal of reading more in the new year. This weekend I plan on taking some time to read more, and with reading more as one of my goals I feel… Continue reading Books Recommendations

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Book Review: Pray Big for your Marriage

Pray Big for your Marriage By: Will Davis Jr.   I am a big believer in praying over your marriage, and I have read many books based on prayers for your spouse and marriage. Pray Big for your Marriage has been my favorite one I've read so far! Davis went into so much detail on… Continue reading Book Review: Pray Big for your Marriage

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Bible Recommendations

  One of the number one questions I get asked is what kind of Bible I use. The funny thing is that I use THREE Bibles on a regular bases. I know that sounds crazy, but they all three serve different purposes and I HIGHLY recommend all three of them. To take my notes I… Continue reading Bible Recommendations

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Yay it’s Friday Favorites again! I found this feature on Andrea and Erica’s Blogs Y'all this book has been a game changer! I have always been big on reading books about praying for your marriage and spouse, and this one has been the best one so far! Pray Big for you Marriage shows the reader how to pray scripture… Continue reading Friday Favorites

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Review: Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World By: Joanna Weaver "All over the world, people go to unimaginable lengths to find God—which is sad when you consider the unimaginable lengths God has already gone to find us."   This was such a needed read. Weaver starts by sharing the well known story of Martha,… Continue reading Review: Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

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Drunk Elephant C-Firma Eye Cream Review

This eye cream is super potent vitamin C serum that helps with the appearance of dark circles, and gives quick hydration to the eyes. It is packed chalk full with different antioxidants, vitamin E, ferulic acd, Vitamin D,  and a lot more ingredients to make your under eye area glow. I have been using this… Continue reading Drunk Elephant C-Firma Eye Cream Review