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Goals for 2019


Happy New Year! I just love the first of January. The feeling of a fresh start, the determination to make yourself better in the new year, and the hopefulness that this year will be the best one yet. I am a believer in setting goals for the new year, and letting the Holy Spirit help you pick one word that will help guide you through the coming year.

My goals aren’t all shiny and exciting though I wish they were. Some are hard to swallow, leave me with a little anxiety, but are things I need to conquer and over see in my life. While this may be so I find my first goal to be exiting, fills me with hope, and grounds me.

2019 Is for His Glory Not Mine

I want every joy, accomplishment, happiness, healing, chain broken, struggle, set back, and pain be for His glory and not mine. I’ll admit I get caught up in the look what I’ve accomplished and pushed through strategy that the enemy uses against us to try to dim the glory of God. I want to remember everything comes from Him, belongs to Him, is created by Him, for my good, and to show His glory through me. I am a vessel that He is using, and I want to never forget that. This year is the year of Him not the year of me.

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To start my new year off I’m rereading Fervent and it was a great decision. I cannot recommend this book enough if you want to: enhance your knowledge on prayer, find your passion for prayer, and learn more about the strategies the enemy uses against you.

I’ve talked a little bit about my reading goals on Instagram. I want to read more Christian lifestyle books, but I also want to read more Christian fiction. I LOVE to read, but I’ve been noticing more and more how I don’t go towards the Christian section of the bookstore when I want to read a good fictional book. So my goal is to find more Christian and/or clean books that I can enjoy and recommend on here.

I also want to read more biographies in the new year. I would love to hear your recommendations of interesting biographies. 

Be More Intentional About My Time On Social Media. 

I’ve noticed that I waste a lot of time on the internet, but especially social media, and I’ve also noticed that I’ve been playing the comparison game more than ever. I can feel the tension in my body increase when I’m scrolling through social media, and honestly I just need a break to give myself a heart check when it comes to these things.

Getting My Anxiety Under Control 

Since my dad passed away in 2017 my anxiety has increased at a rapid pace, and just when I felt like I had it under control our struggle with infertility started. I’m to the point where I know I need to tell me doctor and take the next steps to healing. I have to thank my family and a very special friend who is a therapist in holding me accountable and acknowledging that my anxiety is increasing. Some times it takes the ones we love the most to pinpoint these things, and to show us that it’s okay to reach out and get help in the hard seasons we are in.

Learn To Relax + Be Kinder To Myself 


It’s no exaggeration that I’ve put my body through heck and back the last two years. My doctor and husband both have stressed how I need to learn to relax, and give my body the love it deserves. I know with the stress of trying to have a baby I haven’t been the kindest to my body, and I don’t know how I think I can carry a baby with the amount of stress I’ve put on it. If I’m being brutally honesty with you, I’m not sure I even know how to truly relax so learning to relax is a priority of mine. I’m going to learn and try new copping mechanisms to help, and I know that by getting my anxiety under control it will help with the stress as well.

I have been doing the keto diet, and if you read my previous post than you know that I’m giving that up. I don’t want to fill my body up with bad fats, and keep my body from healthy foods I enjoy because fruit has too much sugar or a sweet potatoes has too many carbs. Before I go on I want to stress that I know that the keto diet isn’t designed to put bad fats into my diet. If you read this post  I go into more detail about how it was just a slipper slope for me. It yet again is something that stresses me out haha! I want to simply eat clean, and yes watch my carb intake but not beat myself up because I wanted a banana. I want to be my body’s friend and fill it with love not restrictions and self loathing.

Always Be In A Bible Study 


I want to always been in some sort of Bible study, and try to always start my day in The Word. It doesn’t have to always be a ten page a day study, as long as it’s teaching me and fueling my soul with His promises I’m happy. I want to deepen my walk with Him most importantly, and I can only do that by digging into His Word aka His love letter to me.

I know that was a little heavy, but I truly feel convicted to work on these things, but in a loving way. All these goals are things that are going to help me grow, ways to be kinder to myself, but most importantly they will all be for His glory! I’m excited but also a little intimidated but I know that He will provide a way, and hold my hand through every step of the way!

I would love to know what are your goals for the new year. I hope this new year brings you so much joy, love, encouragement, and blessings!

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