A Messy Birthday That Helped My Faith


Well this birthday was one for the books, it was unlike any other birthday I’ve ever had. I spent my birthday at the vet with Turbo yeah you read that right. My sweet boy ripped a toenail off of the cuticle, and he had to have the shell of his toenail removed. Chris had to work so I had to take him by myself and I was a nervous wreck. Turbo is my baby. Junebug is our other dog and she’s the protector. She won’t let anyone near me without her being right by my side. She will lay on top of me when I’m sick, and if Chris tries to hug me she will jump up wanting to be part of the hug. While she’s protective she is VERY independent and loves her personally space, but when she decides to snuggle it melts your heart. June takes care of me basically, and sweet Turbo is a big baby! Turbo wants cuddles nonstop, gives kisses about 10,000 times a day, is scared of his own shadow, and has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen. So when he gets hurt he really just wants his mommy to fix it, and when I have to take him to the vet it breaks my heart like I can’t explain. Since we have moved we have a new vet and I love them so much! They were so kind and gentle with Turbo and he was so good! They sedated him and he was pretty much out of it the rest of the day. I had to carry him into the house, and we snuggled the rest of the day. It hurt to see him like that, but I am so happy that the vet was able to take care of it so quickly and Turbo is recovering great!


I’ll be transparent with you, and admit that there were moments where I was frustrated and a little sad that my birthday was filled with more stress and tears than I wanted. But at the end of the night I tried to put things into prospective. Turbo was okay, it could have been a lot worse. While the day was stressful I am so thankful that I was at home when Turbo got hurt. I was able to get him to the vet quickly. Even though my birthday didn’t go as planned I was so thankful that I was able to celebrate another year with the people and fur babies I love. My mom made me my favorite casserole. When Chris got off work we were able to unwind watching TV, and simply talking about our day was therapeutic. Life isn’t about the “perfection” of a certain day. Life is about learning to be joyful no mater what life throws at you.

I had a moment where I told Chris I selfishly wanted the entire day to be about me, and it was in that moment I felt so devastatingly human. No day should be all about me, but about God, and I was using an excuse of a birthday to put my wants over everything, over Him. I’m so thankful I have a gracious God who loves me even in my disgusting selfishness. That my God is selfless enough to forgive me when I sin over and over. Friend I don’t know if I’m the only one that feels this way, but I am so glad that God used a messy Birthday to help me grow.

So let’s look at the more joyful moments that out weigh the stress!

IMG_5064So you know how I said Turbo loves to cuddle and June isn’t the biggest fan? Well this is June’s face when she lets her baby brother cuddle her because he’s hurt. I died laughing when I saw this because you can see it on her face she wasn’t happy about it, but she was letting him only because he didn’t feel good! I know she had to tell him to not get use to it haha.

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One of my goals for 2019 is to always been in some sort of Bible Study. I want to truly grow in my walk with God, and I want to study his love letter to us more than I ever have before. I’ve talked about The Daily Grace Co  often on this blog, and it’s honestly because I am loving the studies they have! So you can imagine my excitement when I opened my birthday present from Chris and found FIVE Bible studies from The Daily Grace! Chris got their bundle called Bible Study Set-Volume 1 and I thought that was such a great idea since I only have their Christmas Advent study and a free study they gave me with my purchase. They have chosen these studies specifically for people who are just starting out with their studies. He also picked out Daily Truth study that has scriptures for anxiety, stress, waiting, and other every day circumstance we may find ourselves in that we need extra encouragement that points us back to the Gospel.

The day after my Birthday Chris had the day off, and he surprised me with a quick trip to the bookstore (my favorite place) and dinner! Another goal I have for 2019 is to read more biographies so I picked up Sister’s First. I don’t know much about the Bush family. I was too young when Bush was president, but after watching the funeral of his father a couple weeks ago I wanted to know more about their family. Jenna is on The Today Show, and I start almost every morning watching it. I like her personality and I imagine her and Barbra have had a very interesting life. Let me know if you’ve read it!


Chris and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings because their Philly cheesesteak is probably my favorite food that I miss since I’ve been eating low carb. We had such a good time just relaxing, singing to the radio, and spending time with one another. I cherished every sweet moment and enjoyed the peace and relaxing moments!

So that was my birthday recap, and probably one of the best birthdays because of the lesson God shared with me no matter how hard the lesson felt at the moment. Share some of your favorite birthday memories, as well as your favorite biographies. I need to add more to my list! I hope you are having a wonderful and blessed day!

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1 thought on “A Messy Birthday That Helped My Faith”

  1. Aww ok first things first- happy belated birthday! Second- your poor pup- you are such a good dog momma. Hope he is healing up well. Third- I love your perspective. Because of the way you embraced everything it sounds like your birthday turned out beautifully after all 🙂 Thank you for sharing.


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