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DIY Sentimental Gifts You Still Have Time To Make


Early this week I shared a post about gifts I bought last minute, and while there is still time to order those items I wanted to share some sentimental gifts that I made this year that you still have time to make.

In my family the handmade gifts are the most cherished, and I try to hold on to that sweet and simple tradition throughout the years.

Photo Album/Scrapbook 

I know we all have hundreds of precious photos on our phones, but there is something about sitting on the couch with your family and going through a photo album. You reminisce together about good times, stories are told that you or your family may have never heard before, and it’s those sweet moments that I cherish especially during this time of year.

AB4BBFC3-9D73-4B85-8D27-8EC8ACC200D3 2.JPG

I sent photos on my phone to Walgreens, and no this isn’t sponsored it’s just closer to my house then any other store.

Okay don’t judge me here, but I ordered I kid you not over 400 photos. I couldn’t help it and yes I felt bad for the person that had to print them for me, but I ordered them on a day where our town got hit hard with snow and no one in my southern town drives in snow. Hopefully they weren’t too busy.

snow in the south

I thought that my order was going to be beyond expensive, but they had a coupon that cut my price in half! So I encourage you to look at their website and see if they are having a promotional sale, and if they don’t check CVS they may have one.

I ordered all mine online and it was super simple, and they had the pictures finsihed within a few hours! I went to pick them up and grabbed a photo album, and started making my gifts that day.

I love how the album I found had places for you to hand write little notes beside the photos. There’s something about handwritten notes that are so special to me.

Out of all the gifts I got my mom this is the one I’m the most excited about, and I now it will be her favorite.

Handwritten Recipes

One of my all time favorite gifts I ever received were recipe notebooks that were passed down from generation to generation through my mother’s family.

IMG_4920 2

If you are someone who enjoys cooking, and often get asked for recipes then I recommend giving loved ones a small index card notebook with your favorite recipes in it.

A special touch you can add is write the “recipe for friendship” in the beginning of the book. My mom did this for all the recipe books she gave to her kids and I loved it!

recipe for friendship

Bonus idea: You can put the recipe book in a basket with little kitchen supplies and gadgets.

Crochet a scarf

I in no way, shape, or form am good at crocheting but I can crochet a simple infinity scarf. I crochet my best friend a scarf by following this youtube video,  and it was simple enough that I finished it in a day.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Watch the Youtube video until you’re comfortable with the pattern and instructions, and grab a cup of tea, turn on a good Christmas movie, and have a relaxing evening making a beautiful handmade gift for someone you love.

Homemade peppermint mocha and Chia Tea

One of my best friends made me homemade peppermint mocha and spiced chia tea last year, and man was it good! She put them in two cute jars and wrote the instructions on the side of the jars. She put them in a cute basket with a cozy blanket and mugs. I loved it! Such a sweet and thoughtful gift.

Here are some recipes I found on Pinterest that you could go by:

Homemade Spiced Chia Mix

Dirty Chia Instant Tea Mix

Homemade Peppermint Mocha Mix

Toffee Coffee Mix in a Jar


Do you love giving and receiving homemade gifts? I’m not lying when I say they are my favorites. I would love to hear some of your favorite homemade gift ideas. Happy Wednesday!

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