Christmas Gifts I Bought (Last Minute Ideas)


If you are anything like me you think of Amazon Prime as your saving grace this time of year. If you need a few ideas and are running out of time I wanted to share gifts that I bought my loved ones, and hopefully they will inspire gift ideas for yours! At the end I have a list of items I own and love just to give you some more inspiration.

For My In-laws

bed sheets.jpg

Luxury Bed Sheets

Chris bought us these sheets after I saw them on the Today Show. They tested them out after they found out the sheets had almost 50,000 reviews and nearly 5 star reviews. After that I was so curious at how they could be so cheap and have such great reviews. I mean the sheets I have from Walmart are more expensive! So we tried them out, and I kid you not they are the best sheets we have ever had, they are so soft and luxurious. One thing I really like is that the sheets wash and dry so quickly. I know that seems small, but my other sheets I have to put them in the dryer at least twice before they are dry, and they still seem to be a little damp when I get them out.

I bought these for my In-laws because everyone needs these bedsheets.

My Father-in-law has MS and has a hard time sleeping. We thought maybe these sheets would at least make him a little more comfortable. I think this gift is great for anyone that you want to give a little luxury to their lives.

My Mom

if i run

If I Run

My Church bookclub read this book, and everyone LOVED it! It’s a fast paced Christian thriller, and a quick read. I actually gave this to my mom early, and she finished it in like two days. She asked for the rest of the trilogy for Christmas! To say this gift was a win was an understatement. I highly recommend this book for the reader in your life!

For My Goddaughter


Baking Set

AnnLee is four and is at that age where she loves to pretend to cook and bake for her family. I saw this and instantly thought of her. I love this sweet age she’s at.

My Husband

golf mug

Golfer Mug

I laughed when I saw the prayer on the back of the mug. It’s cute and fits Chris as a golfer perfectly.


Men’s Hoodie

Chris loves these hoodies. They aren’t expensive and they are super comfortable. Trust me I know, I steel them from him half the time. They are true to size and wash well. I bought him one in a color that he didn’t have, and I got him a pair of Nike sweatpants I found on sale at the mall to match.

For My Brother (age 13)


Fort Nite Phone Case

My brother loves Fort nite, and apparently this is a character from the game. I have no idea, but it’s what he asked for. I actually think it’s kinda cute.



Bluetooth LED Strip Lights

My brother and mom just moved into a new house, and Justin is all about making his new room his own. Chris and I have lights like these in our home as well as my mother-in-law. My brother wants to put them around his walls in his room.

My mother-in-law has her on-top of her cabinets and they are beautiful. She keeps them up year round and it makes her home so unique and beautiful.

We are putting ours on the side of our steps in our finished basement to give it a theater feel since that’s where we will be putting our projector.

A Few More Ideas 

bible .jpg

She Reads Truth Bible

If you have been following my blog for awhile then you have seen my She Reads Truth Bible that I love. I use this Bible to journal in and I love that it’s a different translation than my other Bible. This is a beautiful journaling Bible and I cannot recommend it enough. If you want more details on this Bible you can read my post Bible Recommendations

tea kettle .jpg

Tea Kettle

I own an older version of this tea kettle and I love it! There’s nothing like making some tea and grabbing a good book to cozy up with. I’ve had my tea kettle for years and it’s still holding up strong.

BONUS IDEA: You could get this kettle and place it in a basket with a box of tea, a book, and a nice pair of fuzzy socks or blanket. What a wonderful cozy gift!

embraced .jpg


Lysa is one of my absolute favorite authors. I have read almost all of her books, and loved them. Any of her books would be a great gift, but I love giving devotionals as gifts. This devotional is touching, funny, and inspiring.

rose quartz roller

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

I love my facial roller because I have started to hold stress in my jaw. I didn’t even know that was a thing! The rose quartz roller feels nice and has a cooling sensation because the quartz stays on the colder side. It feels soothing when I roll it on my jaw line as it massages the tension out of my jaw.

This is also a great way to add a spa like feel to your skincare routine. You can use this to massage your facial oil or serums into your skin. I also love to use it when my eyes are a little puffy. It really helps to de-puff them and make you feel more refreshed. I stick mine in the refrigerator to make it extra cold. This would be such a fun gift for one of your girlfriends, or you could treat yourself to it I won’t tell!

I hope you enjoyed the list. I would love to know what you bought your loved ones for Christmas! If you decide to get any of these gifts let me know! I hope you are having a wonderful day, and are filled with the Christmas spirit!

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    1. I’m so glad you liked the post! I got them off of Amazon. You can do a search for them, or click on the link I provided. The link will take you to the exact ones I bought.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!
      Merry Christians ❄️🎄


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