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3 Ways to Read The Bible More

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I have been struggling with getting into the word lately. It seems like now a days my morning devotional time just ins’t enough for my soul. I want to be saturated in the word, but finding the time to do so is hard. So I decided to work hard on finding ways to stay in the word throughout the day, and I thought I would share what I’ve learned with you.

  1. Have a Bible that you take with you everywhere.

I’ve talked about this in my Bible Recommendations  post, but I have an Ultra Thin Bible that I take with me everywhere. I keep it in my purse when I go somewhere, that way if I have a few minutes of waiting I have my Bible with me and I can get into the word. I carry it with me throughout the house and I keep it on hand to help with tip #2

2. Listen to the Bible on Audio

There are TONS of options on Audiable. They have options that have a cast of narrators and they make it very dramatic with music. I know that a lot of people enjoy this, and the reviews are great. I personally thought it was too distracting for me, and I just simply wanted The Word read to me. I found and fell in love! I have the app now and I highly recommend it. The app lets you read the Bible or listen to it. It has plans where you can read it chronological in a year, a plan to read Proverbs in a month, and one where you can get a daily Psalm for 150 days, and so much more. You can highlight, bookmark, and take note while reading or listening to the Bible on the app. I seriously love it!

I like having it play while I am cooking, cleaning, in the car, etc. I will listen to passages I studied earlier in the day to see if I find something new by listening to it instead of physically reading it. I like to listen to the tougher books of the Bible because sometimes it makes it more simple to understand and it keeps my attention better.

Having my Ultra Thin Bible on hand helps with this tip because I like to keep it open while I am listening to the audio version. I never know when I’ll want to grab a pin and make a note, or just read along with the audio.

3. Start and end your day in the Word.

I like to start my day with the word and I truly believe that if I start my mornings in quiet time with God, I handle the loudness of the world and it’s challenges better. While I have always thought that starting my day with God was important, I have just now started to see that ending my day in His word is just as important. I use to say my prayers before bed and do some light reading and that was it, but now that has changed. I have been wanting to read through the entire Bible so this is the time that I take to just read His word. I don’t dissect it, I don’t look up commentaries, I just simply read.  I think breaking up the word and studying it is crucial, but I also think that sometimes that stops us from just simply getting into The Word. If there is a anticancer passage that makes me think I need to read more into it I make a mark in my Bible to look it up, and I do that in the morning.

Bonus tip: I’m throwing in a bonus tip because bonus is always fun right?

Have a Bible app that you enjoy 

I know I recommended earlier, but there are tons of apps out there! Find the one that works best for you. I LOVE the U Bible app because of the devotions and also my church uses it to put our sermon notes on. This helps me to stay in the word because I can pull up my sermon notes ANY TIME throughout the day. So let’s be real, when I’m watching tv, I can read during the commercials, when I’m in the bathroom I can read the Bible, when I am waiting in line I can read my Bible.

I know that having quiet and uninterrupted Bible reading time is VERY important, but I don’t want to only allow 30 minutes of my day to God and learning more about Him. I want to be in throughout my day, and allow my heart and mind to continuously be open to His Word and learning every second I can.

What tips do you have because I am always working towards being in His word more and more. I hope this has helped you find some new ways to read your Bible throughout the day. Remember, don’t let your self stop giving God your time throughout the day just because your 30 minute quiet time is over. We don’t have to be in a quiet space for Him to teach us something. I hope you are having a wonderful and blessed day!

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