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One of the number one questions I get asked is what kind of Bible I use. The funny thing is that I use THREE Bibles on a regular bases. I know that sounds crazy, but they all three serve different purposes and I HIGHLY recommend all three of them.


To take my notes I use the She Reads Truth Bible . I love the large margins I have always wrote big, and the margins give me plenty of room to take notes. I used just this Bible for a long time. The translation is very easy to understand (CSB Translation). The key notes from the authors and devotions through it are great, and have the same feel that the She Reads Truth devotions have that I truly enjoy. I LOVE the reading plans at the start of each book. It breaks down the readings weekly and shows cross references throughout the bible. The books in the Bible are color coordinated for example, historical books are navy, wisdom and poetry and coral, and major prophets are teal, etc. This is a great Bible and honestly I cannot recommend it enough! I have the poppy linen hardcover. and it’s just as beautiful in person as it is on their website! If you want to look at the bible in person and see which one fits you best they are sold at Lifeway, and they go on sale all the time!


My husband got me this Bible for my birthday and y’all it is amazing! I use the Life Application Study Bible when I want to dig deeper into the Bible, and to get a deeper perspective and break down of bible verses. This Bible gave me exactly that! There is a reason that this Bible is always a top seller. When I am reading my Bible at home I first read it from this Bible, and if I want to take notes or cross reference translations I will grab the She Reads Truth Bible and read them side by side. I have the NIV translation in the Life Application Study Bible. One thing that I really love is that it has red letter to show when Jesus spoke. I love that, and I’ve realized that a lot of Bibles don’t have the red letter feature anymore. This is the one I have.


The last Bible I like to use in my Ultra Thin Bible ESV edition. I love this book for traveling! If I want to take my Bible to church I carry this one. If I am going outside to pray and want to use scripture I will grab this one. I put it in my purse when I am going to meet friends for a coffee date. I’ve taken it to a coffee shop and just studied it while waiting to pick up my brother. I love having this little guy around, and it has come in handy more times then I can count. Best part is the Ultra Thin Bible’s are ALWAYS going on sale! You can find them pretty much anywhere. Lifeway has this exact one for 12.99!

Best tip: I keep this one by my bed. This is perfect for those mornings where you aren’t really “feeling” like reading His word. On those hard days where it’s just hard to get out of bed this is easy to grab and flip through. Sometimes we just need the basics and not all the fancy pens, highlighters, etc. sometimes we just need His words of encouragement. Don’t get me wrong though, on a day that I can use all my fancy pens, highlighters, and sticky notes are the best!

I hope that this posts answered some of the questions y’all have. I know that this can be overwhelming, and no you don’t NEED all these Bibles, but they make digging deeper into His word easier for me. I would love to know what bible you use! What do you do to help yourself dig a little deeper into His word? Also, would you like to see a bible study routine? Let me know in the comments, and I hope you are having a great day!

3 thoughts on “Bible Recommendations”

  1. I love my Life Application Bible. It is so helpful to me. I did not grow up with any understanding of God or the Bible. My husband bought me this Bible and I fell in love, it helps me out all the time! I love She Reads Truth and have had my eye on that Bible as well. I love your post today!


    1. You should keep you eye out on Lifeway sales. I got my She Reads Truth Bible for 50% off!
      I love how the Life Application Bible has helped you grow, isn’t it awesome?
      My parent’s wouldn’t let me read anything besides the New Kings James version of the Bible till I was in high school. Reading that translation was a struggle lol!
      Thank you so much! I love writing posts like today’s but it’s intimidating, I am so glad you enjoyed it!


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