5 Ways To Show Gratitude

5 Ways To Show Gratitude (1)I LOVE traditions but sadly they are far and few between now a days. Okay how old did I sound in that sentence? Not going to lie, I love my grandma at soul status! Anyway, in my house I try really hard to take old traditions and/or *manners* and make them relevant in our lives. I think life gets in the way sometimes and we forget to stop and appreciate people, and when we do it’s a quick thank you or thanks. I am the worse at this, and I have been working really hard on making sure the people in my life I appreciate truly know it. I made a list that is mixed with old traditions and modern ways to show your gratitude.

  • Mail a card or letter to someone to show your gratitude. 

I know in the south thank you cards are popular for weddings, Parties, etc. But what about just sending one randomly to someone that you appreciate? I LOVE this and I have seen first hand how it can truly turn someones day from negative to positive.

How I like to do this is I start by praying. I ask God to show me who needs some encouragement this month and who needs to know they are appreciated. After I do this and wait on my answers  I buy a couple of sweet cards that have a cute meaning and they range from super sweet to funny, because we all have people in our lives that react to humor better than sentimental. I take the time to write a sincere note telling them thank you for either something they had previously, thanking them for being in my life, or thank you for just being the person they are.

  •      For a spouse or child learn their love language

Chris and I had been together for about 7 years before I even knew love languages were a thing! After we read The 5 Love Languages I realized I was showing Chris love and appreciation by MY love language not his! When I would get upset thinking he didn’t appreciate my gestures it was simply because I wasn’t speaking his language. Chris’s love language is acts of service. Once you find your loved one’s love language the book gives some examples of how to show them love and appreciation, but Pinterest has some great examples!

Some examples for acts of service is: 

  1. filling up their car with gas.
  2. plate their dinner for them
  3. clean up their mess or do their laundry for them.
  4. make their favorite dinner
  5. turn the tv to their favorite show (even if it to a NFL game ugh haha!)
  6. give them a massage or foot rub. Chris is on his feet 10 hours a day so he LOVES a foot rub it’s seriously his favorite act of service I do!
  7. Bring them coffee in bed
  8. wake up early to make them breakfast. This means a lot to Chris because he wakes up super early for work and I don’t have to wake up as early as he does. When I wake up just to make him breakfast and kiss him goodbye let’s him know he is more important to me then sleep. Y’all that says A LOT because there are very few things I love more then sleep!
  • Make someone a homemade dinner (or if you don’t cook grab something from their favorite restaurant)

I seriously cannot tell you how much it means to me when we have someone bring us dinner. When we first moved in my best friend brought us TONS of food and drove an HOUR to visit and bring it to us. We moved an hour away from her and the fact that she drove that far just to quickly drop off the food had me in tears. When my dad passed away there was no way I could cook, I was doing well to get out of bed. So the people who showed up to feed my family meant the world to me! These are two times that meant to world to me, but I LOVE the random times someone just stops by and brings us food because they know our schedules are a little crazy just as much This made me realize that I needed to be doing the same for others!

Great tip: I LOVE to make and freeze ziti. I have it on hand and when I feel like someone needs a little appreciation I grab it out of the freezer, let it thaw, and then heat it up. I also make them in throwaway pans so that makes for easy clean up for the person receiving it and they don’t have to worry about giving me plates back.

  • Drop off coffee or sweet tea to someone at work  

Coffee and work just go hand in hand, and when you know someone is working a stressful day dropping off some caffeine shows that you are thinking about them, but also gives them something that helps them get through the day! You can quickly drop it off with a little note attached that says “just breath you’re doing a great job” I understand that some people have jobs that you couldn’t do that, but this would be great for your friend that works at a boutique, pharmacy, bank, has their own office and have open office hours, teacher during planning hours. Just make sure you make it super quick just run in smile and say you were thinking about them, and maybe tell them to call you later that night to chat when they are free.

  • Be a listening ear  

For Chris it’s easier for me to carve out time for him, but I slack in making time for friends or some family members. Show gratitude to your friends and family by making time for them. Make a phone call and ask them how they have been, and really take the time to hear what they are going through. Listening can be a great way to show gratitude. Carve out 20 minutes once a week and make a phone call and reach out to someone that needs to be listened to.


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