Verse Of The Week

Bible Verse of the Week

I am picking a verse each week either out of my Bible study or just from my quite Bible reading time to pray about, memorize, and learn more about. I have been praying hard about learning how to dig deeper in scripture, and let God show me what He wants me to learn from it. This week I am going to be studying Acts 1: 7

“He said to them. “It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by his own authority.” Acts 1:7

I know this may be a random verse, but it means so much to me. I wasn’t for sure if I wanted to talk about this on here, but I feel lead to Chris and I have been trying to have a child for awhile and I never knew how frustrating it could be. Every month has lead to heartache and sorrow. We haven’t been trying as long as some, but I think we just assumed that it would be much easier to get pregnant. God put the desire on both our hearts and it felt so right so we just assumed we wouldn’t have any trouble.

But here’s the thing friends, even in the hard times He is still good. Through my tears I know that His timing is better then mine. We have specifically prayed for us to get pregnant when He knows is the right time, and when we are truly ready to be the best godly parents we can be. So I know He is working on us and teaching us valuable lessons. Even though I know all this it is easy to forget in the middle of a breakdown. I will cry out to him asking when, when will we receive this precious gift? But it’s not my place to know, and I have to remind myself that! I have to work on my relationship with him and trust in His timing that’s all I can do. I know my Father has my precious baby picked out and He is waiting for HIS timing not ours.

I will be using this verse during my prayer time, asking God to help me to not be discouraged but encouraged to know that His timing will come, and His plan is ALWAYS better than mine. I need to let my heart receive this word and let it help me to live in the peace it offers.

Is there something that you need to let go of? Are you wanting a season to pass and to know when the next begins? Join me in studying and praying the scripture. If I can pray for you just let me know. You don’t have to be specific just comment something simply like I would love your prayers. I would love to pray over your situation, and I would love your prayers as well. I know this is heavier then my other posts, but it was laid on my heart, and I know that I need to follow it. I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday, and are enjoying your weekend!

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