I’m Thankful I Go To A Church With A Coffee Bar

Thankful For Church Coffee Bars

I know that this title seems weird but hear me out. I read a thing going around Facebook where people were talking about why they were glad they went to a church without a coffee bar. I understood where they were coming from, but I wanted to share my truth with the world as well. Here is why I am so thankful I go to a church that has a coffee bar.

  1. This gives another place for others to serve. The Bible teaches us to be the Lord’s hands and feet and serve others. When Chris and I started at our church we didn’t understand that. We thought it was good enough to go to church once a week, but when we started serving on the hospitality team we quickly saw we were in the wrong. We get their an hour early to fix the coffee bar, check the bathrooms, and pray for those who are coming or thinking about coming to church. This helped me grow and see that we were made to help others and serve in His name and I GET to do that.
  2. The coffee bar gives opportunity for you to reach someone. We have noticed that most people that are new go straight to our coffee bar. They want to be doing something instead of just standing there, they want something to keep their hands busy, and I mean who doesn’t like coffee? Right there is when a change can start! You can welcome the person who is new by a simple smile and let them know what your favorite syrup is, and that you’re glad they are there. You can make coffee together and before you know it, that person is smiling, opening up a little, and feeling more at home!
  3. After reason two begins their heart is opening up. Your mind and heart has to be prepared and open to receiving God’s word and the change that will occur. When you make them feel at home your preparing them to feel open to worship, to being vulnerable, and potentially to opening up to God for the first time. (Hebrews 13:2)
  4. The coffee won’t be there in your times of need, but the friendships will. I’ve heard people say that the coffee won’t be there to help them like their faith and God will be, and I agree with this statement. No coffee won’t hold you hand, pray with you, help keep your head above water, but the friendships that are formed will. God wanted us to do life together. He wants us to form strong friendships and I have made some of those friendships over a cup of coffee.  (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)
  5. Sometimes God meets you at the coffee bar. I’ve seen people break down at the coffee bar talking about things going on in their lives and others pray over them. I’ve seen God speak through people in front of our coffee bar, and my faith has grown at our coffee bar. God met me at our coffee bar when he showed me how serving others is important, and how we grow closer to Him by selflessly serving.

Do you go to a church that has a coffee bar? If you serve at your church let me know what you do, I would love to hear about it! Hospitality has always been a place I love serving in. I hope you guys are having a wonderful Saturday!

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