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Drunk Elephant C-Firma Eye Cream Review

drunk elephant

This eye cream is super potent vitamin C serum that helps with the appearance of dark circles, and gives quick hydration to the eyes. It is packed chalk full with different antioxidants, vitamin E, ferulic acd, Vitamin D,  and a lot more ingredients to make your under eye area glow.

I have been using this eye cream for about two months so it’s safe to say I love it. I have dark circles under my eyes and I look tired constantly. I wanted an eye cream that made me look more awake, hydrated, and help with the appearances of my dark circles. I was a little hesitant about this eye cream, because I’ve never really had any luck with eye creams. It seems like they promise so much and provide so little. I LOVE this eye cream. As soon as I put it on I feel and look more hydrated. My under eye is super dry, and this gives it a good amount of hydration for a day time eye cream. I’m still on the hunt for a good super moisturizing eye cream to use at night. This eye cream truly does make my dark circles look better, and I can’t figure out how it does it, but I don’t even care I’m just glad it does! I love the glow it gives me, and it really helps me look more hydrated and glowing. If I’m running to the grocery store and don’t have time for makeup I ALWAYS make sure I put just a little extra eye cream on first.

While I will say that some days my eyes need a little more hydration I don’t think that’s a problem most people will have. I have very dry skin and I know my skin type isn’t average. This eye cream is a little expensive, but totally worth it! I highly recommend it, and I’ve had mine for over two months and I still haven’t hit the bottom. The only fault I have is that I cant see when I am running close to out, and I hate that. The packaging is super cute, but I wish there was a way to see when I was running low.

Sephora carries Drunk Elephant so if you are on the fence go in and try it! By just rubbing it on your hand you can see how creamy it is and how it will make your skin glow. You can always get a sample to try out before you buy it. I strongly believe in trying out samples. This product is expensive so it never hurts to try it out for free first!

I’ve read on some reviews that people have put the eye cream in the refrigerator and that it helps even more after that. I guess the coldness helps wake your skin up and help you look more awake. I haven’t tried that yet, but maybe I should!

I hope you enjoyed this review, let me know if it was helpful. If you have a good moisturizing type eye cream that you use at night please share and let me know. If you like reviews like this let me know, and I will make sure to do more!


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