Weekend Recap: Birthdays, Rain, + Tattoos


Weekend Recap

This weekend was interesting to say the least. Saturday was my hubby’s birthday. We had planned a low key night. He worked over 50 hours this week, and he just wanted to relax. While our night did start out relaxing and laid back it took a wild turn I was NOT expecting!

getting my tat

Yeah we both ended up getting tattoos!!! We have talked about tattoos for years, and I’ve had one picked out for awhile, but I’m such a baby with pain that I figured I would never get the courage to get it. We went for Chris to get a tattoo, and  I never thought I would end up saying okay I’m getting mine but I did and I am so thankful I did!

The meaning behind my tattoo means a lot to me. When I started to have a relationship with God I would take an hour every day to do nothing but listen to worship music and thank God for what He has done and will do for my family, and I would pray. Multiple days in the beginning I would end up crying to Him over loved ones, situations, and people who needed saving. Bottom line I was crying to Him in brokenness because I was trying to do HIS job and fix the people and situations in my life. I wasn’t allowing God to BE God. I was believing in Him, but not TRUSTING Him. One night I was crying out to Him, and he responded: “Be still Ashley, Be still and know that I am God, not you” It repeated over and over and He whispered “trust me, I have this”.


my tat


I still struggle with control and anxiety, BUT I have grown because of HIM. He is teaching me to let go and to be still, he has this. I got my tattoo on my left hand the one I normally raise in praise, and I put the scripture closer to my heart. When I spin out of control, when my anxiety TRIES to take over, and when I try to play HIS role, I will look down and be reminded to BE STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD.

Chris’ tattoo fits him perfectly its a little nerdy but cool wrapped up in one in a way only he can pull off. In the mathematical world a triangle is a sign for change. My husband has come a LONG way in his spiritual life, and because of that, change has occurred in outstanding ways in his life. A relationship with God was formed and because of that, strongholds were broken, miracles poured down, and Chris continues to grow in God. It is a daily reminder that he has grown and always needs to push to grow even more. We thought it was pretty cool that there was three triangles interlocking because it fits the Holy Trinitychris tat

I do want to say that I know not everyone (my mom included) likes tattoos and that’s okay! There may be some backlash in the comments for me sharing this and I am prepared for that. I want my blog to be transparent, and I am proud and happy with my tattoo so I wanted to share it. I would like to say that if my God has a problem with my tattoo, and tells me that when I make it to heaven, I know His grace will then extend to me. I know He knows my heart and that I had no ill intentions with my tattoo.


It rained and stormed all day which made for a great reading and relaxing! The dog’s weren’t too happy about it because that meant little time outside, and a lot of time crying at the door. babies at the doorOur life groups at church opened up for sign ups today, and I was so excited! Our life groups change each time we do them, and this semester was filled with so many great options! I ended up signing up for two! I will be doing one that is called Brave Women of God. It is going to be about facing fears head on with Biblical truths. We will learn to walk in the truth that God designed and destined us to be brave. I am praying for strongholds to be broken during this time, and to grow in leaps and bounds during this group.

women praying

The other life group I signed up for is a christian fiction book club! Y’all I have never been part of a physical book club before. The only one I have been apart of was online. I am SO SO SO excited to geek out with my friends over these books and have nice fellowship with like minded people. I have loved being part of life groups at our church. I love fellowship, praying together, opening up together, and just building one another up and building friendships!






What did you do this weekend? I would love to hear in the comments below, and I would just like to say thank you for all the comments on the blog so far! This community has been beyond amazing and friendly. I have loved conversing back and forth with y’all. I hope you guys are having a great Monday!

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