Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


I am so excited to be doing my very first Friday Favorites blog post. I saw this on Andrea and Erica’s Blogs.

I am very excited for this weekend. Today is a busy day at the boutique, we will have new inventory coming in and we will try to get it all on the floor by the early afternoon. Waking up at 530 makes me look forward to the weekend even more!


blue bunny

I cannot tell you how AMAZING this stuff is! Chris and I picked this bad boy up when we were doing a quick grocery run. I never take him with me, because when I do I end up with a bugging (is buggy a southern word? I guess I should say cart) of items that I didn’t need, and I forget the one thing I actually went for. Can anyone else relate?

Anyway this stuff is what ice cream dreams are made of! It has the crunchy goodness of an ice cream cake, chocolate fudge that is the right constancy, and soft served ice cream so you don’t have to worry about bending your spoon like you do with some ice creams.


june bug

We recently moved back to our hometown after 5 years. We lived in a subdivision so this sweet girl Junebug and her two brothers (Turbo our other dog and Pecry our cat) only had a small fenced in backyard to play in for 5 years. NOW they have SEVEN acres to run around in, and this sweet girl gets in ALL KINDS OF MESSES.

Today she comes home with whatever that is on her face, and refuses to let me take it off! I have laughed at her all day, and I have decided that she thinks this is her war paint. She will show all the animals that live in the woods whose boss. Can you see that she let me know what she thought of my to-do list my sitting on it? Yup that blue sticky note she’s laying on was my to-do list, and now it is June’s.


having a mary heart

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

Y’all this book is so relatable! I just started this book this week, and I should have it done by this weekend. Weaver has such a way with words. She is funny, witty, and just plain honest about the struggles of being a busy God fearing woman. I’ll do a full review once I finish the book!

screen porch

Early mornings sitting in our screened-in-porch is so peaceful. I have started doing my Bible studies out here when it isn’t too hot and I find peace being surrounded by His creation. This country girl was stuck in a subdivision for too long, and I am beyond happy and joyful to be back in the country.


bible boot camp

I signed up for the Soul Scripts Bible Study bootcamp. They were offering a HUGE discount. I believe it was like 50% off, and I just took the plunge and bought it. Let’s be honest; I was a little nerves only because I was afraid it would be a little young for me. I was afraid that it would be geared more towards girls starting college or new to their faith. I did the first study today and was blown away by how much I enjoyed it!

Jordan does an amazing job breaking down scripture and making me think deeper. I am always thirsting to learn more and dig deeper into the word, and that’s exactly what I am getting from these studies. I am so glad I took the plunge and went for it. I want to be equip to share not only my love for God, but to KNOW His word on a personal and deep level. To be able to relate it to not only what I am going through, but the people I love.

What are some of your Friday favorites I would love to hear them! I hope you are having a wonderful Friday!


7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites”

  1. Welcome to Friday Favorites Ashley! I came across your blog on the link-up! That looks like a great book! I’m going to add it to my Goodreads account! Junebug is a cutie patootie!! Have a blessed weekend!!


    1. Hi Shannon thank you! This blogging community has been so amazing so far!
      I am really enjoying the book, let me know if you end up reading it!
      Yes I have to agree our Junebug is pretty cute, but goodness she is a handful. She is our little trouble maker lol!
      Thank you for stopping by Shannon, I can’t wait to check out your blog!
      Have a wonderful weekend =)


  2. I have heard great things about that book! I cannot wait to read your write up. Girl, my summer project is a screened in porch/Florida room (every NC girl needs a FL room) well it’s on pause since my husband got a big promotion and I’m just kind of sad! It’s like 1/16th finished LOL! Happy blogging, weekend, and everything else!


    1. Oh yay for the hubby’s promotion that’s so exciting!
      Yes girl I am right there with you, I’m from TN so I understand the need lol!
      I will admit though, I love the idea of having the porches’ screens replaced with windows so I can enjoy it year round.
      That may be a project in the future for us!
      Good luck with your project! Will you be showing pics of it on your blog?
      I hope you have an amazing weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh I am such a “Martha”. It is something I have to constantly work on. We were just talking about this book at my little women’s group and I think I need to read it. I love your list of favorites. Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Yes I am a Martha as well, and it is kinda releaving to admit it.
      He has let me see where His grace comes in and loves me anyway!
      I agree it is something I work on daily, and strive to be more like Mary every day.
      Let me know if you pick up the book =)
      Have a wonderful weekend!


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