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Recommendations: Devotions on YouVersion Bible App


Devotional Recommendations

Finding a devotional can be a struggle for me. I love the devotionals that you can find at Lifeway, but most of them you have to buy the book, buy the DVDs, and that adds up to a tremendous bill. I love the devotions on YouVersion Bible for many reasons, and here is a quick list of why I love their devotions:

  • The devotions are free!
  • They are diverse and have devotions on so many different topics
  • If reading isn’t your style they have audio and video devotions
  • You can connect with your friends
  • You can pull the Bible up in almost any translation you want.
  • Our church connects it’s sermons with it and it’s AMAZING! I get the notes from the sermon that I can go back and look at anytime.

So now that I’ve told you WHY I love the app and the devotionals let me share WHAT devotions I’ve really been loving lately.

devo 1

This really helped me to dig deeper into how my creativity can help others. For example: when I refinish furniture for the store I pray for the family that will receive the piece I’m working on. I pray for their souls that they grow close to God. If I’m working on a dining table I pray that the family has deep conversations around the dinning table. That the table will be a place for them to study their Bible with a cup of coffee before the little ones wake up. That it will be where they have devotional time as a family If it’s a coffee table I imagine little ones living pencil dents from drawing pictures for their parents that they will cherish for years to come. Thinking about how your creativity can help others is challenging and rewarding. It helped me connect my creativity, work, and my spiritual growth.

devo 4

I came across this when I was in a rough place in life. I couldn’t figure out why I felt the way I did, and how I was just so negative. I was in such a funk and then I came across this devotional. The first lesson in it was like here’s your sign Ashley. I never thought once that I was in the middle of a spiritual warfare, and that’s exactly what the enemy was wanting me to think. This devotional showed me the signs of being under attack, and the steps I need to take. Now I have a strategy on defeat the enemy and his plans.



I read this right after the above devotional. I HIGHLY recommend doing that ! Priscilla has a way of words and making you fill empowered. She is truly anointed. This is a devotional that is a sneak peek of her full devotional workbook. The 5 day reading plan was powerful, uplifting, and motivating. It shows us the enemy is after EVERYTHING that makes you happy: your kids, your marriage, your work, your home, everything! Priscilla shows us how it is our duty as Christians to be prepared and dress ourselves with the armor of God.


Let me know what devotionals you are loving. I am always looking for new ones. I will post more recommendations in the next couple of weeks. Let me know if this was helpful! Hope you are having a blessed day! f

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